Have you ever dreamed of exploring the African wildlife with a private guide, witnessing hundreds of thousands of animals in the famous Serengeti and spending the nights in luxury tented lodges? Have you ever heard of the magic island of Zanzibar in the sky blue Indian Ocean? Then you should consider travelling to Tanzania for a trip of a lifetime. We also organize short trips, and arrange flights from the US and Germany. Contact us for an individual and customized itinerary!
Richard & Shalini

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American Dream

We offer a wide variety of new cars in US specifications and up to 10% discount off MSRP (selected models). Payment in $, tax-free delivery in approx. 6 weeks.
For further information please contact us, Monday till Friday from 8am to 8pm, at the Mercedes-Benz Brand Center Stuttgart, Mercedesstr. 102.

Thomas Honold:
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competence. exclusive.
English-speaking insurance broker offering free service regarding:
Third Party Insurance: Damage to rented property and loss of keys.
House Insurance: Damage or loss of own property and glass breakage.
Legal Protection Insurance: Safeguarding of legal interests of tenants.
Health Insurance: Employees, assignees, visitors, travelers.

Claus Edam:
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