Customer Feedback

Below are several of our clients that have chosen Stuttgart Realtors as their rental team.

Stuttgart Realtors is, by far, the best realty firm that I have had the privilege of working with in the pursuit of finding a suitable rental dwelling in the Stuttgart area. I’d researched many Immobiliens in the Stuttgart area prior to my relocation. Their websites were fairly decent, providing ample detail as to the properties that they were listing, but the actual human interaction was less than optimal due to my limited knowledge of the German language. Over-the-phone conversations were quite limited and in many cases, there was never a return call to inform me of the status of the properties in which I’d requested to see.
Stuttgart Realtors was punctual from the beginning.
Additionally, they always maintained contact with me regarding the status of the property, the Landlord’s thoughts, and the courtesy that makes you feel as though you, as the property seeker, is the most important person on their calendar. I do admit that selecting a firm that has a lengthy and impressive history working with English and Americans was my best decision, albeit the property was at the high end of my budget. However, the gains I’ve received from my selection, with the aid of this outstanding firm, is priceless. My neighbors are great, my Landlord is amazing and tolerant, and the natural light and the breath-taking view help me wind down after a long day’s work.

William H. Brooks III

We moved to Stuttgart in the middle of winter and had spent several weeks unsuccessfully looking for housing via the mechanisms our base/employer had provided us.  After looking at dozens of unsuitable homes, we were becoming increasingly concerned we might have to spend several months in a hotel until more units became available in a different season.  However, the moment we contacted Stuttgart Realtors, they showed us to two fantastic units that day that we immediately fell in love with -- spacious, beautiful, modern, downtown, and very well appointed with features we did not even expect like wrap around balconies, a large bathtub, huge gorgeous hardwood floors, and a sauna!  We were so happy with what we saw that we immediately resolved on the spot to close and proceed with the next steps.  Marc and Bernhard were extremely flexible and supportive throughout the rest of the process -- even as our housing department pushed an accelerated move-in timeline, Stuttgart Realtors flexed and met all of their/our requirements in short order, and everybody left happy.  I was very impressed with how gracious, fast, attentive, friendly, and flexible the entire Stuttgart Realtors team was.  They worked with us to get all the housing accomplished quickly, correctly, and thoroughly - despite our limited German language skills and all the bureaucratic challenges that come with a move like this.  They negotiated with both the building owners and our housing inspectors to ensure everything was done properly, legally, and with all entities taken care of - especially including us!  We are now moved into our home and could not be happier.  It is truly the nicest place we have ever lived.  We would recommend them thoroughly to anyone else - you won't find a better home or team in Stuttgart!
Mike & Justine

I met Marc through a posting on a housing webpage while looking for a home to rent in January 2020.  Marc listened to what I wanted and promptly found a listing that met all of my wishes. He was very knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. Even on holidays, Marc was accommodating to my time schedule.  He made the rental process easy and comfortable. At move in there was a minor problem that had to be addressed. Marc took care of everything on a Saturday to ensure I could move in as planned. I would definitely recommend Stuttgart Realtors to help you find your next home.
Jane/ Contractor

When my husband and I relocated to Stuttgart, we had done our research on the market and knew how competitive the housing can be. Stuttgart Realtors were so friendly and helpful and were always quick to respond to our questions and requests. We fell in love with the first apartment Marc showed us and have been very happy. Bernhard was always quick to respond to messages and questions. I would highly recommend this team to take the headache out of your housing search. Would not hesitate to use them again should we ever move in the future. Thanks a million! 
Kate Stuckwish 

Upon arriving to Stuttgart, my wife and I was not receiving much help nor assistance in locating a place to rent, but Stuttgart Realtors really came through and helped us out, they found us our dream apartment. Bernhard and Marc went above and beyond to find us a place perfect for our situation. Communication was TOPS, responsiveness was great, and they took time to thoroughly answer all our questions. We strongly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone looking for a home in the Stuttgart area.
Jay and Mary Ann

As someone brand new to Europe, I wasn’t sure what to expect with trying to find a home to rent for the next several years.  Marc and Bernhard were able to explain every step of the process to me; from deposit, to rent, to utilities, to recycling, to even getting Internet access.  They have a wealth of knowledge, and were able to show me multiple properties until I found one that was exactly what my family and I needed.

Stuttgart Realtors are the best choice for assistance in finding and securing an apartment or house in the Stuttgart area.  This is the third time I have lived in Germany and the service Marc and Bernhard provided was by far the best ever. Marc was easy going but very attentive to details and willing to work within my schedule. My colleagues were astonished it only took me one week to find and secure an apartment through Stuttgart Realtors. I highly recommend them not only for their professionalism and honestly, but also for their friendly demeanor. These are really good guys doing right by both the tenant and the landlord. A real gem in Stuttgart!  

Stuttgart Realtors facilitated a great experience for us from start to finish. Their website listed several fully vetted upscale properties in the Stuttgart area, one of which we ultimately decided to call home. Both Marc and Bernhard were ultra-professional and extremely kind as they guided us through viewings, meetings with our future landlord, our lease review/signing, and even follow-ups to ensure our moving process went smoothly. We could not have asked for better or more knowledgeable assistance during our move to Stuttgart. I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone seeking support in finding a wonderful place to call home in the area!
Les & Jack

My wife, our beloved dog  and I arrived in Stuttgart a week before Christmas with our household goods scheduled to arrive a week later.  In order to avoid storage and handling costs the pressure was on for us to find a place to live, sign a lease, and get registered with the town hall in record time despite the challenges of culture, language, and holiday office closures.  Just days after Christmas we saw the ad for our historic apartment and contacted Bernhard.  He responded promptly in English and arranged for us to see the apartment with his helpful colleague, Marc. A couple of days later Marc and Frank introduced us to the owner and his rental management team so that we could agree on the apartment's condition and planned upgrades.  We were particularly impressed by the way Frank and Marc professionally represented our interests during these discussions, the signing of the the lease, and throughout the apartment handover documentation process.  Mission accomplished!  We wholeheartedly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone looking for a home in the Stuttgart area.
Scott Moore 

Many thanks to Bernhard and Frank for their competent and professional assistance finding a residence for us convenient to Kelley Barracks.  They assisted in every step of the process from familiarization with German customs, the initial search, the lease documents, and final walk through and assessment of the property.  I highly recommend their services to U.S. personnel.
A civilian employee at AFRICOM

Stuttgart Realtors, Bernhard and company, are very responsive and knowledgeable in reference to the housing market in Stuttgart. They are very good, make appointments quickly and work with the landlords to make sure that everything is taken care of for you. If you're looking for a house or apartment in Stuttgart, you should really contact Stuttgart Realtors, the service is free for you as the tenant. These are best Immobiliens that I've used over the years in Stuttgart (and I've used many...)

Stuttgart Realtors came highly recommended to me by another Army officer. Both Bernhard and his colleague Frank did an outstanding job coordinating move in dates and establishing a contract with the landlord. They completely understood my request for a fully furnished apartment- and I was not disappointed! It has literally everything you could think of! When Frank coordinated the meet up with the landlord for the key turn over, I felt like he represented both my and my landlord's equities with utmost professionalism!

As a renter looking for a home property in the Stuttgart area, I was extremely satisfied with the careful and attentive service provided to me throughout the entire rental and contract development process by Bernhard Braun. Excellent attention to detail, patient and speedy replies to all inquiries, and very pleasant demeanor. Stuttgart Realtors understands the US housing and contract process well, and provides excellent customer service!
Erick H.

My husband and I were in Stuttgart 4 years ago, we contacted Frank as he had come highly recommended; right from the start of our meeting we knew we had made the right choice. His knowledge and expertise are second to none. Within a week, he had found a beautiful city apartment for us. The entire rental process was stress free; from completing the rental contract to meeting us at the apartment to meet the landlord. He was also present during our Stuttgart Housing Office inspection; his attention to detail is amazing. In May 2017, we returned to Stuttgart and used Frank and his partner Bernhard's services again. As before, within a week of our meeting, Frank found an amazing place for us. I also had the opportunity to work closely with his partner Bernhard who is just as knowledgeable and professional as Frank. Frank again was present during the Housing Office inspection; he walked through the apartment alongside the inspector and took his time in explaining details of the appliances such as the dishwasher and oven. Moving can be a very stressful time for most of us; having a team such as Frank and Bernhard who have immense knowledge, expertise and are true professionals makes a world of difference during this transition. Thank you both for making our journey back to Stuttgart a true delight by finding that perfect place for us!
Norma and Rob McMillan

Stuttgart Realtors made my move to Stuttgart Germany a smooth one. When researching online places to live before my move I ran across their website. I viewed the apartments for rent online and fell in love with one. After several emails with Frank and Bernhard, my mind was put at ease. They worked with me to have everything ready for me to sign when I arrived in Stuttgart. The peace of mind they provided and the assistance they gave me was invaluable. Thank you!

I recently moved to Germany a few months ago. Obviously I was overwhelmed with the new language, new culture, and a short time limit to find a place to live. After a searching through multiple websites I was able to find a place I was interested in. I met Bernhard at the place and he assisted with the tour, as the landlord did not speak English. Unfortunately the landlord chose to rent to home out to someone else. This is where Bernhard went above and beyond. He contacted me to give me the news but he also notified me of another place. Not only did he make the time to show me the place, he came to my hotel to drive me there. He then came to the apartment to personally inspect it with me taking copious notes of all damage. I recommend them for anyone new to the country.

Upon arriving to Stuttgart, my wife and I were nearly overwhelmed by all the intricacies of finding a house, but Stuttgart Realtors really came through and helped us out. Bernhard and Frank went above and beyond to find us a place perfect for our situation. Communication was great, responsiveness was great, and they took time to thoroughly answer all our questions. We strongly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone looking for a home in the Stuttgart area.

As a customer of Stuttgart Realtors since my arrival here in Germany I have been treated with the utmost respect and professional courtesy.  The entire staff of the organization has been nothing less than amazing in finding me an apartment for temporary lodging to a beautiful home for permanent resdence.  Their customer service is beyond reproach and financial transact ons were always scheduled at my convenience. I can't say enough about their utmost respect for my family and I.  It was a breath of freshair to find such people to work with that were interested in my well being and not merely making a profit.  Personal recommendations/accolades are notmy orte but I can't help but write something when it is so rightly deserved.
Timothy L. Smith

My wife and I saw an ad for a property that was represented by Stuttgart Realtors and decided to rent it. To our surprise, Bernhard and Frank worried about our interests as well as those of the landlord. We were able to all work together and find a rental agreement that worked for us all. They were extremely helpful and thorough. It was a pleasure working with them to find our dream property and we will do it again in the future.
Eric and Alessandra  

I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to any military or civilians looking for a rental property. Bernhard and his colleague Frank did a wonderful job of helping me to coordinate and provide interpretation in order to establish a contract with my current landlord. They are very well versed on the military housing requirements and have the most current contract on-hand ready to execute. They are very honest and upfront with you about everything so there are no surprises or misinterpretations.; Frank was there on the day housing did the walkthrough.  After I moved in they are still my advocate and assist me with translation when I have questions for the landlord. They are true professionals, friendly, and easy to work with.
Joe and Susan

We had a fantastic experience with Bernhard and his partner, Frank. As a military couple, we sought assistance to find the perfect apartment-- something with easy acces to public transportation, a good amount of space, modern conveniences, and a location that allows us to feel immersed in a new culture. We found these attributes and more in the first viewing we did with Bernhard. His approachable personality, experience, and professionalism also aided in this transition; he is very well-versed in the language of the military housing office, so there were no hiccups when signing the lease and moving in. I strongly recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone or any family who is moving to Stuttgart and looking for an ideal space to call their own. Thank you!!!
Dominick & Katy

Arriving in a new country is very stressful, and a large part of that stress is the trying to navigate a different real estate market and trying to find a home. Thankfully, when we were introduced to Stuttgart Realtors, all of that stress disappeared. The team at Stuttgart Realtors made the process easy and straight forward. They showed us properties across the city and when we settled on one, they helped us through the entire process, from understanding the rental agreement, to meeting the landlord, and even coming on move-in day to make sure we got our keys and understood how everything in the apartment worked. Not only did they help us find our long-term home in Germany which we love, but they helped us find a furnished short-term apartment in the city that we stayed at until our home was ready for move-in. Having a furnished apartment, complete with a washer/dryer, and a kitchen was great and much better than staying in a hotel!
Leanne and Kemp, EUCOM 

My experience with Stuttgart Realtors was fantastic. Within 3 days of contacting Bernhard about my home preferences, I visited and selected an apartment that exceeds my expectations and within my budget. I couldn't ask for a better living arrangement. Thanks, Stuttgart Realtors!

Working with Bernhard and Frank was a good experience for our family.  The majority of realtors make you adjust to their schedule to view a house, often at night. When we called about our house, Frank picked us up from post, drove us to see the house, showed us around and answered all questions. Its was the best treatment we had throughout our house hunting months.  I would highly recommend working with Bernhard and Frank to anyone arriving in Stuttgart and looking for a house rental.
Pat Griffin

It was a pleasure to work with Stuttgart Realtors.  Their extensive knowledge of the military housing process made my transition to the Stuttgart area significantly easier.  Highly recommend starting your search with Stuttgart Realtors!

We are writing to express our pleasure with Frank and Bernhard, who helped us with our home search here in Stuttgart, Germany. After carefully listening to our family’s needs, they showed us the perfect home for our family…on the first try! These guys expertly guided us through the entire process, from navigating the Military Housing Office for the first time to differences in renting a home in Germany vs. the United States. We credit Frank and Bernhard with a smooth, stress-free home-search and contract experience here in Stuttgart.This is our first time renting a home outside of the United States, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. These guys are savvy, personable and know the market here in Stuttgart inside and out. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to move to Stuttgart!" 
Patrick, Civilian Employee at AFRICOM

I am very happy, and it has been a pleasure working with Oliver and your realty team. Thanks so much!
Tara McArthur-Milton

Americans! Listen VERY carefully to me… I know it is a difficult decision to actually pull the trigger and enlist the aid of an immobilien.  This is a concept we are not used to in the States.  It is a very large amount of money to part with right when we hit the ground here in Germany.  I was VERY hesitant to spend that kind of money, and I had heard many horror stories about exactly what you got (or didn’t get) for your money.  HOWEVER, all that being said, I PROMISE you that Stuttgart Realtors and Bernhard Braun in particular is worth absolutely every single euro that you pay.  I was ASTOUNDED at the level of service, the unbelievable commitment, and the amount of time Bernhard spent holding my hand through every step of the process.  Initially I gave him a few parameters of what I was interested in and the very first place he presented to me was EXACTLY what I was looking for – perfect in every way.  Bernhard has gone above and beyond and still two months after moving in, he is there if I need him.  Do not even consider looking for a place on your own – enlist the aid of Stuttgart Realtors and you will be absolutely and totally satisfied that you did.
Cheryl Farmer

My husband and I would like to thank Frank and Bernhard for all their hard work and dedication in helping us find a home and get settled as quickly and smoothly as possible. I am incredibly impressed with their vast knowledge of renting a home off base and helping with the language barrier of a lease that is written in German. Nothing was ever left unclear and answers were given before we even asked the question. I would highly recommend Frank and Bernhard to anyone moving to Germany. Job well done and many thanks!!!
The Yurgatis Family 

Working with Bernhard was a great experience from beginning to end. I never felt pressured in anyway and all of my questions etc. were replied to very quickly. Bernhard is a friendly professional with a great, energetic style. I had a very good interaction with Frank as well and I was treated with the highest level of respect and professionalism. I am very excited to get settled into the beautiful apartment with a feeling of satisfaction from a very positive business experience.
Jason Johnston

We had a great experience working with Frank and Bernhard in finding our apartment!  They were very friendly and responsive.  They are knowledgeable about the process of securing off-post housing which was great!  They were also very accommodating.  Since we did not have a car, they were able to meet us a few times at the hotel we were staying at.  Frank even picked us up from our hotel to look at our apartment as well as give a tour of the surrounding area.  Thank you Stuttgart Realtors!

Stuttgart Realtors is a dream come true for anyone relocating to the Stuttgart area. Upon arrival, George collected me and my son from the airport and immediately got us settled into a beautiful furnished apartment near Stuttgart Mitte. I was initially going to stay there while looking for a permanent place to live, but I loved it so much that Frank negotiated with the landlord for me to rent it long term. To make things better, Frank let me keep the furnishings until my own household goods arrived. Frank, Bernhard and the entire team at Stuttgart Realtors made finding my apartment practically a stress free experience. They are knowledgeable, courteous and extremely accommodating. I felt they were on my side when negotiating with the landlord and they have made setting in to a foreign city a pleasant experience. I have referred a few colleagues already and I will continue to do so. I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors for your transition.

Bernhard truly made what can be a very stressful experience into a complete success and I couldn't be happier with my new apartment. After looking extensively for a place to live, I couldn't seem to find what I was looking for. I ran across Stuttgart Realtors and gave Bernhard a call. We set up a time to go look at a couple places after I told him what I was looking for. After one day of looking with Bernhard my top 3 choices were all from him. The most difficult decision was deciding which of the 3 I wanted to rent. Bernhard let me take a second look at them and I then made my decision. I couldn't be happier with my choice. For English speakers looking for a place to live, Stuttgart Realtors and Bernhard are the best choice! All the VAT and UTAP details were explained and the lease was exactly what my housing office was looking for.
Thanks Bernhard and Stuttgart Realtors, I couldn't be happier with the entire experience!

Thanks to Mr. Braun from Stuttgart Realtors, my wife and I were able to find and choose a spacious, modern-style apartment with a fantastic view – on our first day of apartment hunting. In addition to understanding the unique requirements of the American military community in Stuttgart, Mr. Braun is courteous, helpful, and very responsive. Thank you, Stuttgart Realtors, for turning what could have been a long and arduous search into a straightforward process and altogether pleasant experience!
Civilian employee, AFRICOM

Being caught in the US Government shutdown, I was unable to make timely arrangements for a hotel in Stuttgart. Additionally, Oktoberfest was underway and when I started calling around, I found that 191 of 192 hotels were completely booked for the first week in October. I had corresponded with Executive Suites and they came to my rescue. Not only did they provide me with first class accommodations, within my budget, they were willing to pick me up at the airport and check me in late in the evening. I was so impressed by Executive Suites that I utilized their sister operation, Stuttgart Realtors, for my long term housing needs. In a matter of hours of househunting, I decided upon a beautiful apartment situated in Killesberg with a gorgeous view of the valley. Impressive, responsive, helpful, and professional. These are apt descriptions of the services provided by the Executive Suites / Stuttgart Realtors Team. I’m a very happy customer.
Dr. Tom Karnowski / EUCOM


Mr. Braun was very attentive to my housing requirements. After spending close to three months searching for a home, he was able to rapidly provide me with options that exceeded my needs. His understanding of the housing requirements were certainly a benefit that eased the stress in trying to live out in town. His ability to speak English very well was outstanding, as it made the leasing process much easier with the landlord. I would certainly recommend Mr. Braun’s services to my fellow service members and friends.
Captain, USMC at AFRICOM

Bernhard and Frank, thank you! You are truly a dynamic duo. The tandem of your expertise, fast responses to questions, listening to our wants/needs, and delivering upon them...made working with you the best part of the move to Stuttgart. Additionally, you know and provided information the post personnel didn't or couldn't. Great guys, great team, great value. On behalf of our "newly in a wonderful home" family, cheers!
Donald B.


I came across Stuttgart Realtors purely by chance. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful experience with Bernhard who was absolutely wonderful throughout my housing process. He was always prompt in replying to my inquiries, made himself available around my schedule, explained every step of the housing process VERY well, and ensured that I had all the information I needed for the housing office. Bernhard's invaluable knowledge about the housing process for U.S. government employees saved me time and headache. I highly recommend Bernhard and Stuttgart Realtors. Not only will they find the right home for you (given time) but they will also go above and beyond to ensure you have a smooth handover (i.e. signing the lease, through contract review, VAT and UTAP details, and the move-in walk-through).
Rebekka Bernotat


I cannot say enough good things about Frank and Bernhard. They have provided quality service on multiple levels. First they located temporary housing for myself and several of my colleagues. Secondly they located permanent residences for each in a follow on effort. Their work ethic is stellar, they are timely and work towards getting one settled as fast as they can. I'd highly recommend using them. As for myself, I'd use them again in an instance.
David Morris
Executive Vice President
Northern Technologies Group


I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors. After hearing about the various difficulties of the Stuttgart rental market, I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised at how simple Bernhard made the entire process. His knowledge of the area, German rental law and Stuttgart Housing Office policies/regulations are outstanding. He was willing to listen to my concerns and invest the time to make sure I was comfortable with my place, and that both my landlord and I were happy with all the terms of the lease. If you're looking for an agency with professional, responsive service I would definitely say--go with Suttgart Realtors!


Stuttgart Realtors has been friendly and professional (important when you can't speak the language). They took the time to show us around the neighborhoods instead of simply meeting us at a house/apartment. They understand the necessary processes(VAT, Govt. housing lease) and are able to help assist with housing. More importanly, they are able to place individuals into temporary apartments or houses instead of hotels. Stuttgart Realtors is helpful for families who need kitchens and laundry rooms. They are able to provide temporary apartments and houses at competitive rates to the SI-Suites and SI-Apartments. I give Stuttgart Realtors my total recommendation.
Brandon Metzger


Our experience with Stuttgart Realtors was over-the-top red carpet service. I had initially picked Stuttgart Realtors because house for house, their selection was the best on the web, be it German or English websites. Upon arrival, they delivered beyond expectations. Frank picked us up at the airport and took us to a beautiful Executive Suites TDY townhouse with a lovely view over Vaihingen-Dachswald. The next night we were treated to a hosted table at the downtown Stuttgart Fall Wine Festival. We told Frank our preferences in lodging, and within a week, Frank showed us a stunning, refurbished apartment with high ceilings set inside a 130-year old Jugendstil building. Private parking spot in a garage down the block. The neighborhood area was equally old in style, complete with U-Bahn stop, cafes, and restaurants. Frank negotiated with the Landlord, who turned out to be a delight, to accept our cat and make certain improvements. And to top it off, after we moved in, Frank set up the internet service and loaned us pillows, sheets, blankets, and towels pending our HHG arrival. Service simply doesn’t come any better than this!
Peter Strasser
U.S. Justice Department


My experience in Germany in searching for the right home was truly wonderful with the help of Bernhard and Frank. They listened to my desires and found me the perfect home! I have a great landlord and am living in the heart of Stuttgart! Easy access to a train station, wonderful restaurants and beautiful trails are a part of my daily living!


ISBB, Mr. Bernhard Braun, Mr. Durchdewald and Sandra Durchdewald were all very helpful in finding me a great place to call home. After painstakingly looking for houses through other realtors who showed us houses that did not fit our needs or were simply a waste of our time, ISBB took the time to show us exactly what we were looking for, gave us great options to choose from, walked us through the process, and more importantly, have been there after the signing of the contract to answer any questions we may have. I love the place we live in and the surrounding area. I highly recommend ISBB.


The services we received from Frank and Bernhard was very efficient and professional. They were courteous and very knowledgeable regarding military housing rules. They were also fair and balanced when represent German landlords and American renters. Everything was laid out clear for us to understand.We felt very comfortable to be in their hands. The pride they find in themselves when they help us and their continuing support after the contract is also worth noting. I can recommend them to anyone who is looking to make their new residence in the area.


Thank you for everything. You and Frank make a perfect team. From the first day that we spoke via email until the day we first met on the day the utilities were read you and Frank have done nothing but make this transition so very easy. Frank was very curteaous and very helpful infact he went above and beyond to make sure I had everything that I need. You both are amazing. If I had to do this all over again Stuttgart Realtors would be the first place I'd call.


I am very happy with the help that I received from Mr Bernhard Braun. We briefly talked on the phone in regards to a few critera that I was looking for in an apartment in the downtown area. Needless to say, the first place Bernhard showed me was exactly what I was looking for and I moved in immediately. Bernhard Braun is very knowledgeable in the application process and helps work out the details with the leasing process, making your life considerable easier. In addition, he will go out of his way to make sure the everything is going well with your living arrangements, well after you have settled into your new place. I am very pleased with all the help i've received.
Jeff G.


I enthusiastically recommend Bernhard Braun and Stuttgart Realtors for your housing needs. Words cannot express how much my family and I appreciate Bernhard’s efforts going above and beyond all expectations to help us find the perfect place, and it is truly the perfect place – we couldn’t be happier! We were expecting the housing search to last for months. With Bernhard’s help, we fell in love with the first place he showed us. He was able to understand our needs and use his extensive knowledge of the housing market to find the perfect match. He met us at the property each time we needed to visit it and help translate between us and the German landlord. He facilitated all of the paperwork process and made it 'easy' for us. This could not have been a better experience!
Randall R. Bradford
Support Agreement Manager, DIA - EUCOM


I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors for finding a home in this city. They are the best service that I have used in all the locations that I have moved to. The service was professional, exceptional, comfortable and I wasn't pushed in a direction that I didn't want to go. I was provided with fantastic customer service, availability at my schedule, and numerous options that fit my interests. I happened to be in a tough spot with a pending deployment and a move into a new house at the same time and Bernd was able to work with me and my new landlords to ensure that it went smooth. I have now become good friends with my landlords, live in a fantastic flat in Stuttgart South and have the location, flat, and lifestyle that I prefer. I wouldn't consider any other service for the Stuttgart area when there is a professional team like this one waiting to help you. Thanks for everything.
Paul K.


Apartment hunting in Stuttgart had been a frustrating and exhausting experience until I began working with Mr. Bernd Braun at Stuttgart Realtors. After viewing an apartment with Bernd, I was convinced he would be able to help find just the right place for me and my family. I travel frequently for work, but Bernd was willing to work around my schedule and kept me informed of new leads and potential places as they became available. His enthusiasm was refreshing, and his commitment inspired great confidence, even in the fast-paced and fluid housing market of Stuttgart at the height of PCS season. When we were finally ready to sign the lease on our new apartment, Bernd's years of experience working in Stuttgart and working with U.S. service members proved enormously valuable. Bernd's knowledge of Housing Office policies and procedures made navigating the labyrinthine lease approval process as smooth as possible. I appreciated Bernd's dedication throughout the house hunting process, and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in renting an apartment in Stuttgart. I couldn't have found my place without him!
Staff Officer


I wanted to thank you for making the sometimes arduous task of finding a new place to live pleasant and easy! Moving to a new country and not yet knowing the language made finding a place to stay on my own very difficult. After a couple months of looking I decided to give Stuttgart Realtors a try. After a very short time Mr Bernhard Braun found a beautiful house for me to rent that I absolutely love. His customer service was excellent - he was genuinely friendly and extremely helpful in dealing with the US Military housing process. I would recommend Bernd to anybody looking for a high quality rental in the area!
Maggie LaManque


In trying to navigate all the difficulties of adjusting to a new country, both Bernd and Frank with Stuttgart Realtors served as a welcome surprise. They were easy to work with, accomodating and understood exactly what we were looking for in a home. We had no car, they picked us up at the hotel and we drove around until we found a home on the first day! This, after struggling with the housing office for weeks... I highly recommend using their service.
Jason Smith


Absolutely the easiest and best house/apartment hunting experience I have ever had! Bernd made the transaction go through so effortlessly and in record time. He has not only helped me get a nice apartment at one of the best locations in downtown Stuttgart but has also gotten me a private parking spot. Almost impossible to get one but with Bernd it was a breeze. I recommended Bernd to a friend of mine and she is also very happy with her new apartment and from the service she received from Bernd. He is the best real estate agent I have dealt with out here in Germany and is now a good friend.
Rodney Cadatal


We had many options in realtors, but we chose Stuttgart Realtors because they took a proactive stance and worked with us even before we touched ground in Germany. Sending us listings as they arose, assisting us with questions, and setting appointments for when we arrived. After arrival the great continued service led us to finding our dream home here. Everything on our wish list was met, and Bernd facilitated the dialogue between us and the landlord, and ironed though all issues that arose. Very professional, yet personable, and geared towards pleasing the customer and finding you a great rental based upon your needs. Thanks Stuttgart Realtors, and more specifically Bernd Braun!!!! Highly recommended.
Brian McCullough
Patch Barracks


We needed to find a single story three-bedroom house for our family of five, and Stuttgart Realtors provided spectacular and timely service. Their website has excellent pictures and information, and Frank and Bernd provided service above and beyond the typical immobilien. They found us a house before my first appointment with the base housing office, and handled everything from phone, internet, utilities... even shuttled around our whole family to look! I would recommend Stuttgart Realtors to anyone relocating, especially if you are in need of housing quickly.
Mayo Family


I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with the level of service and competency of Stuttgart Realtors. I wanted an urban flat, close to the train, big enough to entertain and to fit my 18th and 19th century furniture, close to my office - and one that accommodated the needs of my dog. Wow! Sometimes when you ask for the world - you get it! Stuttgart Realtors took the time to understand my needs and as a result I was able to find my apartment very quickly. They were also brilliant when it came to finalizing the contract and other paperwork, serving as liaison with the landlord, clarifying the German rental law and working me the details so that the entire contract process was quick, error free and painless. I recommend without reservation Stuttgart Realtors; it was a pleasure to work together with their team - start to finish.
US Senior Executive now living in Stuttgart


Working with Frank was easy, he provided knowledgeable, flexible, and rapid service in my apartment search. I would not hesitate to recommend his company, and intend to use him for future apartment needs.
Maj Mike Method


Frank and Bernd offered very professional support in finding a home for our family. They were very knowledgeable of the contract with housing and advocated for us with the potential landlord.
David Groat
Assistant Principal
Robinson Barracks


My family of five and my dog were moving from New York to Germany, with little time to prepare. We needed to find a home that was large enough, suitable for our children, accomodated our dog, near a train stop and in our budget. Stuttgart realtors found us the place we eventually rented. They were there to escort us to the home each time we wanted to see it and/or take photos even before signing the contract. They assisted with the language barrier, facilitating the exchange between us and our German landlord. They were available day and evening to talk, fax and address our concerns. Months later we needed a copy of our transaction for tax purposes so I simply contacted Frank and it was provided within days. This review comes with an outstanding recommendation for Stuttgart Realtors.
N. M.
US Gov't employee


I was well taken care of in finding a home for my family. I arrived in Stuttgart under a very unique situation that deviated from the standard procedure for ensuring every aspect of renting a house under German law was covered. They were very patient and worked with the government finance office and member to meet everyone's expectations. The staff was very friendly and pleasant to deal with. I never felt pressured into renting a home. They were very courteous and allowed my family and I to determine if the house was what we wanted. I recommend them to any and all families looking to reside off base in the German community. The only word of advice is, regardless of what the housing office says, ensure you discuss with your service's disbursing office to understand all entitlements and how they are paid as each service has different policies and regulations. 
GySgt Robinson, Christopher L 


I highly recommend Stuttgart Realtors, and specifically Mr Bernhard Braun and Mr Frank Volkheimer. Stuttgart is a very competitive housing market, and the task of househunting can quickly overwhelm most newcomers. Stuttgart Realtors lists a wide range of high quality housing options for every need, from studio apartments downtown to single family houses in the suburbs. Their website is comprehensive, easy to navigate, and updated daily so you always have real time information of available properties with all the critical information you're looking for...size, location, costs, distances to US facilities, and lots of photos. They are very experienced with the American community, well versed in our specific legal lease requirements, and well known to the Housing Office. PCSing in from France, we were able to make a short househunting trip in advance of reporting in to Stuttgart. We scheduled and viewed a range of available properties in one day that met our personal requirements, made our decision, negotiated the lease, vetted it through the Housing Office, and had everything signed, sealed and delivered the following day. Easiest PCS we've had in 26 years in the Army.
Colonel L. Whiteside
US Army 


Highly recommended! Stuttgart Realtors was extremely professionally and efficient. I had spent nearly a month and a half looking for an apartment, with no luck. Stuttgart Realtors not only had a wide selection of apartments to choose from, but they helped me from start to finish in narrowing down the selection based on all the criteria given to the final negotiations. Their website was easy to navigate and the Realtor I worked with was excellent. I found my apartment the first day I came to Stuttgart Realtors, and signed my contract less than a week later. For Americans looking to rent/buy in Stuttgart, you can not go wrong with this realty.
Mimi Gaffney
Staff Officer


I dealt with a few Immobilien before you and the attributes I mention below impressed me and clearly set your company apart from the others I dealt with.
a. You actually "listened" to what I "wanted" without questioning my criteria.
b. You promptly offered mulitple locations to view, each one of them within my criteria.
c. You alwavs answered my e-mails within a very short time.
d. You promptly negotiated with the Landlord to help me obtain the best rental price as well as minimize the deposit.
e. Your knowledge of forms and procedures used in our Housing Division as well as in the German Community was invaluable.
f. Most importantly, you and my Real Estate Agent were always very courteous, respectful and helpful.
I have and will continue to recommend your company to any new personnel I come in contact with.
Good luck and thank you again for your invaluable help.
Lorena Eva
Program Analyst


These guys are the best! I'm a really picky (OCD) person who knows what I want. I gave my must have's and have nots to Bernd & Frank and they found a property for me in less than a week. I've lived abroad for over ten years and until now have had to put up with what I could get rather than what I want. The paperwork and legalities were taken care of superbly and the best part, is that even after you move in, they're on call to help you out. If you're moving to the Stuttgart area, you can't go wrong with these guys. They'll get you what you want. I wish everything in Germany was as easy as getting a home through Stuttgart Realtors.


I was unable to find a home after many attempts on my own. After contacting Stuttgart Realtors, Mr. Volkheimer showed me a home that matched all my requirements. I had quite a few features that I wanted in a home and found everything I wanted in the first property he showed me. The staff at Stuttgart Realtors always responded promptly to all my inquiries displaying superb customer service. As an American rentor, they worked closely with the Military Housing Authority on post and myself ensuring all documents were completed as necesssary. I appreciate the extra lengths they went for me and the assurances given through what can be a difficult process. I highly recommend Mr. Volkheimer and Stuttgart Realtors.
Stacy Perez
Chief, FMWR Budget
USAG Stuttgart 


Hands down the best part of moving to Stuttgart was working with Stuttgart Realtors. Bernd and Frank are fantastic realtors and wonderful people. If you are not going to live on base, contacting them is an absolute must. Moving to a new country is never easy and the housing market in Stuttgart is difficult at best - they made finding a place to live easy. If you have any questions about moving to Stuttgart or Stuttgart Realtors, please contact me at eiter or Thank you, Luke
Luke Haverlak 


We could not have been more pleased with the quality of customer service we received from Bernd and Frank. They were timely and upfront with our initial contact, and continued throughout the process of finding and moving into a home. It was quite easy to see that they had both our and the landlords interests in mind, and assured that the two met in the middle. Bernd even went as far as helping out with a few translation items after we moved into our home. If anybody is questioning which realtor to go with, go with Bernd and Frank!!
Scott and Karen, US Air Force 


I was very satisfied with the services of both Mr. B Braun and Frank Volkheimer. Services were speedy, friendly and very high classed. Excellent correspondence. The apartment listed is absolutely spectacular and I look forward to living there. Thanks so much.
Marie Springer 


The website was very useful and helped me find my home in only one day! Bernhard took the time to show me exactly what I was looking for and they ensured my move-in went smoothly. I've already referred several friends and colleagues to the site.
Kelly McDermott 


Saved me a lot of time and money by showing me only the houses that suited my needs. Thank you!
Bruce Shortnacy 


I used this website to find my apartment! Bernd and his colleagues were very informative and helpful. They made all of my appointments with the landlord and were there to clarify any questions or concerns that I had I would highly recommend them to anyone new to the area!
Janet Gizzi 


You all are great! Thanks for helping me find the right apartment that fits my needs. I really appreciate you all providing support throughout the entire process. Again, thanks so much for your help!
Nicole Tanner 


Great se rvice, they made finding the perfect place to live in Stuttgart very easy. Thanks guys. Mike
Michael Witt 

Bernd and Frank were fantastic! They stayed with us from the beginning of our search all the way to the end, when they helped us find the perfect home! Both Bernd and Frank graciously drove us to all of the prospective home locations, because we did not yet have a car of our own. No other immobilien supported us like they did!
Mike Hartman
SPAWARSYSCEN Atlantic, European Office
Projects Group Lead & Program Manager 


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